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Will Bunker

Traction speaks louder than words. Since building the dating site that became in the 90s, Will has bootstrapped several startups to profitability. He has since been working with countless entrepreneurs to help them scale their business. With Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate, Will is looking to mentor great early stage ideas and the next great entrepreneurs.

Manny Fernandez

Stanford trained serial entrepreneur and one of the most active angel investor in San Francisco. Pioneer in equity crowd funding. Founder of Passionate about encouraging and building startups, Manny was awarded the 2014 SF Angel Investor of the Year and equity crowd-funding leadership award.

Chris Lynch

Chris is a partner in the technology group. Prior to joining Atlas in 2012, Chris was CEO of Vertica Systems, where he led the company from late-stage startup to the number one ranked big data company in the market and its acquisition by HP in March of 2011. Before that he was an executive at four successful early-stage startups that were acquired by public companies.

Past events

Games and Contemporary Artificial Intelligence

Youth Program proudly presents Games and Contemporary Artificial Intelligence The recent victory of a computer go program, Alpha Go, by DeepMind was an exciting moment in the evolution of artificial intelligence and another victory for neural networks.

Communicate with Confidence and Focus

Develop personal brand, confidence, and communicate your way to success.

fsharex Planning and Strategy Meeting

Great companies frequently take time to pause and reflect. fsharex is no exception. Before moving too far into 2016 with our regular schedule of events, we'd like to take some time and consider our mission and strategy from the highest level.

About Us

By Founders,
To Founders,
For Founders

Founders Share Exchange (fShareX) is a non-profit organization devoted to support pre-seed stage startups in the Boston and San Francisco metro areas. Through collaborative efforts with founders and investors of technology and innovation, fShareX cultivates the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and companies. Currently, fShareX organizes monthly meetups to discuss startup topics and share important entrepreneurial lessons. The longterm vision of fShareX is to provide a living stipend to startup founders so that they could completely focus on growing their companies to seed stage and beyond.

Our Team

fsharex is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and supporters
Kathy Fogel
Queen Bee
Anton Zemlyansky
Information Designer
Victor Zeng
Victor is a seasoned full stack developer with love for 2D & 3D visual design. His foundation is built on science and engineering, especially his work with evolution and developmental biology of crickets.
Dave Wittmann
Matt Himmelsbach
Justus Eapen
Habit Hacker
Jonathan Barronville
The Black Guy
Sergey Kudryavtsev
Anastasia Grinberg
Marketing and Event Coordinator